Big data and analytics
on the insurance sector,
in real time

50MM of data records
in just
10s query
in more than
260M real-time price data

Versus Analytics registers and classifies millions of daily operations in the insurance market, to generate segmented studies, monitoring and comparative data.

With Versus Analytics we provide the professional with a tool that instantly monitors and analyses the production of the insurance market in Spain, based on the data generated by the Avant2 Sales Manager: Versus organises this information and allows, through a powerful catalogue of filters and visions, to study the market from all perspectives: suppliers, distributors, volume, ratios, average prices, segmentation… And all with maximum reliability and speed.

A big data tool that offers segmented market analysis, monitoring, extraction and comparison of data from a wide range of filters, metrics and indicators. Versus Analytics is a natural strategic ally for insurers, who can access production figures and comparisons to make strategic decisions with the utmost precision.

Want to go to the next level? Discover the application and you will have access to all premium, issuance and pre-issuance metrics: you will be able to define the best strategy according to your risk profile.

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