API Rest, broker and insurer connectivity to Codeoscopic Workspace products

Documentación Integra API Rest

Integra API Rest is an innovative connectivity platform that enables Codeoscopic Workspace products, insurers and brokers to connect efficiently and securely.

A service gateway that simplifies and enhances the connection experience. It allows our customers to sell insurance from within their digital solution, using our new REST API connected to Avant2 Sales Manager.

It is easy to maintain; changes to insurer tuning do not require changes to the integrator’s code and new insurance products are automatically available. It is also scalable without limits. Based on AWS Cloud infrastructure that allows unlimited service to all types of customers, regardless of size, volume and needs.

It also has a state-of-the-art API Portal, a document repository of processes that allows our clients to take full advantage of all the possibilities offered by Integra API Rest.

If you have an innovative business idea, Integra API Rest is your platform to make it a reality.

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