+1.3M Insurance policies sold

Leader in technological solutions for the constantly growing insurance sector


Allowing insurers and brokers to connect and be more efficient, our technology plays an increasingly decisive role to grow business in the insurance market.

Some investors who have put their trust upon us

At Codeoscopic we have seen the opportunity to enter a company with a passionate team and an excellent product oriented to the needs of a specific market, the insurance sector.

Roger Pique Director General Inveready

We are very happy to be able to join this project. Codeoscopic has an attractive potential, as it plays an important role in the insurance sector, helping both brokers and insurers to facilitate their business with their technology.

Javier Cebri√°n CEO Bonsai Partners

Codeoscopic is for us a reference investment of a job well done, effort and results. We are very happy that our investment contributed to the transition from a technology-based company with an innovative product to a leading company in its market.

Carlos Conti CEO Inveready Venture Finance Former Codeoscopic Investor (2016-2020)
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