Codeoscopic is committed to managing the impacts of our activities on customers, employees, shareholders, communities, the environment and society in general.

Social Responsibility is the contribution of an organisation to sustainable development and the knowledge of the effect of its impact on society and the environment.

Technology for a fairer future

The companies that make up the CODEOSCOPIC group are committed to the improvement and development of society, facilitating the construction of a fairer future for the most disadvantaged sectors of society. Through this CSR programme, we are actively involved in projects that aim to promote the development of knowledge and ICTs in those social strata whose access to these tools is most compromised. Translated with (free version)

2023 Project

The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of Codeoscopic has decided the projects among which to allocate the donations of technological material in this second edition of the solidarity project of the company for the 2023 edition. The favored collectives cover a wide range of social commitment, and dedicate their solidarity attention from the support to children with cancer to the problems of people with drug addiction or the support to women victims of trafficking and extortion.

These are the associations that have received aid from the programme:

  • Arapaz: an association dedicated to providing humanitarian and emergency aid to civilians affected by armed conflicts or natural disasters, with the aim of strengthening their capacity for self-sufficiency and improving their quality of life.
  • Friends Against Drugs Association: develops educational, therapeutic and support activities with people suffering from addiction problems, especially prisoners and women in vulnerable situations.
  • Sicar: its initiative with women victims of human trafficking contributes to the reception and recovery of these people, and technology is important to help their integration and access to fundamental rights.

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