The ERP created by insurance brokers and developed
for insurance brokers

+85 insurance companies
+3.5K/día processed files
+32K/día processed records
+1.5K/día executed tasks
+65K mailings and SMS

Tesis Broker Manager is the management software that changes the rules: web, mobile and responsive, multi-user and multi-brokerage… A powerful management tool, hosted in the cloud.

Accessible from anywhere and from any device, Tesis Broker Manager does not require installation on the client’s equipment, nor hosting or web hosting. Moreover, its connection with Avant2 Sales Manager makes single data a reality: with a single user name, the broker will have access to both applications, and any transaction generated in one of them will be immediately reflected in the other. This structure multiplies the management capacity and agility of Tesis Broker Manager and makes it the number 1 ERP for brokers in the market.

Integrated with the main insurance companies, it enables the automation and simplification of day-to-day processes, so that brokers can be more productive. Maximum connectivity and integration with insurers, Tirea’s CIMA platform and compliance with EIAC standards.

Manage, plan and control more efficiently. Access Tesis Broker Manager website