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  • The future for insurance sales

    Avant2 Sales Manager is the evolution of the original Avant2. Now the price comparator is reinforced with a CRM system that puts the focus on customer management and helps the broker to qualify every client, update and get the most out of his customer portfolio.

  • Codeoscopic Workspace is the place where all the solutions offered by Codeoscopic work in full integration. Multi-rating, portfolio management, business administration, risk management, claims processing… All in the cloud, with a unique access, configurable and adaptable to the needs of each organisation.
  • Risk management and insurance

    Bcover offers the broker the possibility to analyse and evaluate the risks to which companies and businesses are exposed. And in turn propose insurance solutions and protection measures. A platform that allows the broker to position himself as a risk manager for the companies with which he collaborates.

  • Software for mediators

    An integrated package of management software for brokerages, mediators and insurance agents that provides effective and flexible coverage to most data processing needs faced daily by Mediator Sector professionals.

  • Outsourcing your claims department

    SACS is an online platform wich provides supporting services for the insurance broker, outsourcing its claims department. Always working on the brokerage name, SACS’ team will take charge of every procedure and perform an integral management of every claim.

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