SACS is the specialist claims department your brokerage needs

SACS is an auxiliary services platform for insurance brokers that allows them to outsource the integral management of claims.

SACS is a Platform of Administrative, Expert and Auxiliary Services whose objective is to offer insurance brokers a comprehensive claims management service, in accordance with the current needs of the insurance market. With SACS, the broker has at his disposal a specialised team that takes care of all the procedures in the management of claims: from the opening of the claim, taking care of all the formalities, managing the contact with all the parties, until the final closure of the claim. And this, always, in a transparent manner for the end client, operating on behalf of the brokerage.

It combines all the advantages of the existing service models and works according to a criterion of professionalism and maximum specialisation of its team, based on training, image, coordination capacity and permanent control of the service parameters.

With SACS, the broker will manage with maximum guarantees the occurrence of a claim, a very delicate moment in the life of the policy. Ensuring the best management to guarantee continuity and future renewal. With SACS, a satisfied customer is a new sales opportunity.

Claims, as you have never seen them before. Access the SACS website